Depravity EP

by foley.

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This was recorded over a weekend in a lake house.

this is not an attempt at "making it", or an effort to get our music out there. this is just raw honest worship. we did not sit down to write "good songs" but the lyrics come from a heart that longs for something more. we do not think this will be your new favorite band or jam. the hope is that the rawness of the words and music would strike a chord in you and possibly be worship for you as well. enjoy these small pieces of a sinners soul.


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released March 20, 2010

recorded/mixed/mastered - j michael mcfadden



all rights reserved


foley. Columbia

"Foley’s heart is in the message and in it’s raw delivery: Lead singer Jay Hendrickks’ songwriting hinges on his endless search for salvation and the beleaguered path of sin paving his way. He will scream his way to a song’s crescendo, the pain and yearning palpable, before you’re lulled back to the chorus." - via FreeTimes Jan 2012 ... more

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Track Name: The Only Thing Pt. Two
i'm so sore and sick of this selfishness, i long for something with sustenance, i'll cry. and i'm done with this guessing game, i'm losing it, this plane's got some turbulence, confused a bit but i'll fly. you are beautiful you are wonderful. you are. and i feel it all here crashing down i feel seeking hard for answers yet to be found and this mask i've had on for too long it just won't hold out, and i see the water... let the dead sink, let's just hit before we have time to think.

i give out my love to the closest and first taker, completely consistent in my desire for anything but You, how much longer will i see and not change what i do? God change my heart from not Yours to Yours from dirty to beautiful, i need You to take and shape and change me, God stop me, God please stop me. my heart desires itself not truth, hate not love, me not You. God have my voice and rebuke me not in my sin but i pray You'd kill me if You'd receive glory again. You are beautiful and glorious and good, i'm a brute beast who praises Your name much less than i should. i constantly find salvation in the offering i bring. i pretend i can see, when You're the only thing i've ever seen.

you are beautiful, i'm not
you are wonderful i'm not

you are beautiful
you are wonderful
yeah you are.
Track Name: Thirty Eight
psalm 38

oh God rebuke me not in your wrath, and don't hate me in your displeasure. your arrows, they stick in me fast, and i'm sore from the constant pressure. even though night comes all day it's mourning. my back can't hold the pain from the weight of your glory. there is no sound like the sound of your glory.

my heart pounds, my strength fails me, even the light has gone from my eyes. they set traps all around me, but for you my longings lie. since knowing you i've lost all i've found, my sin has rid my bones of all sound. my guilt has become too much to bear, these wounds have got to taste air. there is no sound like the sound of your glory.
Track Name: The Only Thing
i'm so dependent on the attention i get, like a sinking ship looking for more water, and i long for approval like a prisoner who's waited years for his daughter.

it's a catastrophe its a sad story i'm out of control, but you're taking me and shaping me into your own.

this has got to stop. i can't wait on happiness to set in, and i can't force joy. as i sit back and wait on my sin. you are the only thing i've ever seen that makes sense, confused yet actually totally content.

You are the only thing I've ever seen.
Track Name: Vicious Cycle
This is a vicious cycle
I want to quit.
It seems so easy,
But I haven’t yet.
This is war
You declared in your voice
I wish you hadn’t said that
Quite yet.

I said, I’ll take it this time,
I’d rather fight.
I think I’ve got the strength
I think I’ll do alright.

Because I, oh how I love my sin,
I love, I love the dirt I’m in,
Don’t come near me Lord,
Don’t come near your boy.

You said, y­ou’d fight for us Lord.
You’d fight for your boy
We don’t deserve your love.
We don’t deserve you Lord.

This is a war
You’ve won, I’ve lost before
I don’t think I want to fight.
I don’t want to fight anymore.